Walking: A Zombie Play in One Act

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Walking is a play written to bring the suspense of the genre made famous by George Romero to the stage. It is a fast paced, suspenseful look at a small group of individuals being torn apart not just by the forces outside of the house, but their own fears inside. Can George’s survival instincts give him power over the group? Will Bill and Laura’s family bond be enough to carry them to a safe haven? Who will ultimately survive?

Logistics and Performing

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Short, 25-35 minutes
3 females, 4 males (one of each flexible as zombies)
Home interior/living room

Copies of the script can be purchased at Lulu.com on demand. Not sure if you want to purchase yet? No problem, you can preview the first few pages before committing to a purchase.

To submit an inquiry about performance royalties, use this request page.

Wondering something else? Then the next section should probably get you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much are scripts?
Retail price is normally $8.99 per script (barring sales, coupon codes, etc). However, I have been known, on occasion, to order a run of scripts myself to sell at events below retail. Watch the Facebook page, and I’ll usually mention when I have some for sale. The product page at Lulu.com will reflect the current price.
Where can I buy copies of Walking?
I currently recommend ordering online through Lulu.com. There’s also a “Shop Now” link in the header for the Facebook page that will take you right there.
Can I read it before I buy it?
Well, not all of it, but I have made available the first few pages that you’re welcome to download.
How do I arrange a performance?
Because I have chosen to not use a traditional service, all performance royalties and rights will be negotiated directly with me. We’ll agree on performance dates, a royalty, credit requirements, we’ll sign it in blood, dance a dark ritual to our lord Lucifer and her minions, the Crabapple Kids. There will be cake. Or just use this form.
How much are performance royalties?
It depends. By controlling my work, I retain a great deal of flexibility with regard to ensuring all theatres have the ability to put on my work, large and small. For instance, I wouldn’t charge a student director putting on the show as part of their degree capstone course the same as I would an Off-Broadway location.
Why aren’t you going through Samuel French, Dramatists, etc?
See above. Retaining full control of my work affords me flexibility in enabling that work to be used in ways that I think benefits everyone. I’m also a product of my environment. While they might get me in front of a lot of eyes, there aren’t a lot of things to stop me from creating and marketing my work myself, and be rewarded better for that effort.
Why are you ripping off The Walking Dead?
It’s funny, because I actually started writing this script long before AMC ever picked up the show. I just never got the spit and polish on it enough to put it out there until after the show had started and the whole zombie bandwagon thing had picked up. But hey, if I can ride that wave for a bit while the genre’s popular, I’m not going to complain.
Can I make photocopies of your script?
Generally, no. If you’re putting on a show, I ask you buy enough scripts for the cast and director. That said, I’m not going to split hairs if you want to make a copy or two for stage managers, tech directors, or booth people so that it’s bigger and can get all marked up with cues and notes. And I’m perfectly fine with copying portions of the script for educational purposes as well (all this information is noted in the script itself as well).
Is this show family friendly?
Well… uhh… maybe? I guess that depends on what that means to you. There is strong language in it. There’s violence. Don’t use it to workshop your summer childrens’ theatre program, let’s just say that much.
Can I alter language in the play to make it less abrasive?
Yes, of course. All I ask is that you be considerate to the emotions of the moment in which things are said. In a moment of panic, someone wouldn’t say “Well shucks, goshdarnit.” But I generally won’t mind if you change something here and there. That’s the joy of theatre, in my mind.
Can I cut sections for content/length/etc?
Yes, however I will require that you note in your program that edits have been made to the original script for those reasons.
Do you provide a recommended stage plot?
No. Throughout the script, references will be made to things around the rooms that are used, but they can be viewed as suggestions. I encourage designers and directors to experiment.
Can we film performances?
Yes, all I ask is that you do not sell them. I know this request commonly stems from actors and organizations which like to have a record of the performances to look back on. I’m fine with that so long as the filming is for archival or cast purposes. If you’re doing it to make DVDs to sell to the audience, that’s a different issue.
Can we stream performances online?
Under normal circumstances, no. However, if this is something you would like to do, I am open to negotiating it as part of the performance rights. Be aware such a request can and will likely impact the performance royalty.
Will you promote our performance?
I will be happy to, to the best of my ability. I’ll post about any performances on the page, and share links and photos accordingly. What’s good for you is good for me in that way. But, it is ultimately up to my discretion.
Will you come to our show?
Maybe. I mean, really, it depends. If it’s something localish to where I live (Southeastern Kansas), I will make an effort to come. Farther than that, I hope you’re willing to shell out for a flight and hotel room.
What if I have questions not covered here?
Then ask me.