Just concluded directing “Meet the Bigots… Er, I Mean Parents” at the annual high school edition of the ICC 24 Hour Plays.  This was by far and long one of my favorite theatre experiences ever.  I have always said that I absolutely love the 24 Hour Plays, and this marks my 5th appearance at them in various capacities (and it certainly won’t be the last).  This time, I got to direct the show written by Asa Walker of Labette County High School.  Let me tell you, for high school kids, I couldn’t have been more proud of how they stepped up and and put together a phenomenal show in such a short amount of time.  Nerves or not, they nailed the performance, as did everyone else.  I honestly wouldn’t have expected such good plays and good shows from high schoolers at an event like that.

Finished up with the spring PSU show, tempODYSSEY. Turned out to be a pretty good, fairly technical production. One brief scare with the board/amp, but it turned out to be nothing. Here’s my photo album from the show. Now, it’s time again for a nice break from the rigors of stage to focus on other projects for a while. Not sure if I’ll be involved in the fall show or not yet.

I’m currently looking for places to submit my one-act, Walking, for production. If you would be interested, please see the link below to inquire. I just finished my first reading of Freefall after Marisol finished, and am preparing the first rewrite on it to lengthen it and improve the plot arc. See the links below if you want to contact me about my plays. I’m also beginning work on a full length comedy, which I’ll be sharing parts of soon.

As for acting, I’m done. I haven’t done a full show since The Elephant Man, and I have no plans or intentions of doing another. Though, I might do the 24 Hour Plays again, or some improv type stuff. I have said that I’ll never be on stage again, and I have no reason to change that, though for exactly the right role, I’d probably do it. It’d just have to be damn good. Here are some random, unrelated theatre photos.


  • Walking – one act – previewinquire
  • Freefall – one act (status: complete, unreleased)
  • Hero (status: in process)
  • The Temple – Adaptation of the H.P. Lovecraft story by the same name (status: in process)
  • Untitled Laura Ingalls Wilder biopic (status: research and discovery)
  • Untitled mobster dark comedy (status: in process)
  • Untitled play about the American immigration to Russia during the Great Depression (status: researching)


  • Merry Wives of Windsor – February 2016 – Master Ford
  • Theater Unplugged (PSU student directed one acts) – December 2015 – Sponsor
  • Love, Death, & Everything in Between (PSU student directed one acts) – December 2009 – Sponsor
  • 24 Hour Plays (Meet the Bigots… Er, I Mean Parents) – September 2009 – Director
  • tempODYSSEY – March 2009 – Sound Designer/Sound Board Operator
  • The Uninvited – October/November 2008 – Sound Designer/Sound Board Operator
  • Marisol – March 2008 – Sound Designer/Sound Board Operator
  • Alice in Wonderland – October 2007 – Sound Designer/Light Board Operator
  • The Music Man – August 2006 – Stage Manager
  • The Crucible – March 2006 – Stage Manager
  • The Monkey’s Paw – December 2005 – Mr. White
  • Wanda’s Visit– December 2005 – Hitman
  • Hay Fever – November 2005 – Sound Designer/Sound Board Operator
  • The Elephant Man – March 2005 -Ross/Bishop/Snork
  • Aria Da Capo – December 2004 – Thyrsis
  • The Tempest – October 2004 – Sebastian
  • 24 Hour Plays (Everything in its Place) – September 2004 – Actor
  • Defying Gravity – April 2004 – Costume Design
  • 1776 – May 2004 – Colonel McKean
  • Carwash – December 2003 – Ken Pfeiffer
  • Cyrano de Bergerac – October 2003 – Set Construction
  • 24 Hour Plays (Land of Silk and Money) – September 2003 – Actor
  • Fifteen Minutes/Wasp/The Lover – December 2002 – Sound Design/Sound Board Operator
  • Taming of the Shrew – November 2002 – Lucentio
  • 24 Hour Plays (The Three Maggies) – November 2002 – Assistant Director
  • 24 Hour Plays – April 2002 – Assistant Director
  • The Rubies – Summer 2001 – Benny Arrington/Jefferson Trotter
  • Brigadoon – Spring 2001 – Set Designer
  • Hard Candy – April 2001 – Director (Winner: Best Director and Best Play)
  • Pounding Nails Into the Floor With My Head – April 2001 – Performer
  • Juvie – April 2000 – Skip (Winner: Best Supporting Actor)
  • Nobody Heard Me Cry – April 2000 – Brad
  • Good News – March 2000 – Photographer/Ticket Taker
  • The Philadelphia – 1999 – Al
  • Words, Words, Words – 1999 – Swift
  • Dirty Work Afoot – May 1998 – Evil Villain