Ello Goodbye

March is the one year anniversary of the “new” social network Ello. Ello was (is?) striving to be a social network free of advertising, that gives users more freedom and simplicity in sharing than existing options. Their goal seemed noble enough, and four months ago I signed up to give it a look. They had a motto and plan that there was an apparent demand for. People came. After the time passed, I thought it was worth taking some time to share my reactions and thoughts on the platform.

In case the title wasn’t obvious, the tl;dr opinion is that it has a long, long way to go. I’m going to try and temper my comments as much as I can to strictly UX related things, and not stuff that might be the result of my limited friend base. But some of that has to factor in out of necessity. I’ll try to be clear when that’s the case. It’s also worth noting that the owners still consider Ello a “beta” product. I don’t allow much leeway on this, since if you’re going to let people into a beta product, it better be good enough to wow them and keep them coming back. If it isn’t, it isn’t ready to beta. Read More