Manipulating WordPress Canonical URLs

For many people, it’s not necessarily a big deal to move a blog from one domain to another, and losing social sharing metrics as a result (at least when you’re like me, and most shares are single digits, anyway). This commonly happens because the share counts get tied to each unique URL. If that changes, then so does the count. Virtually every social platform, however, allows you to specify the URL that’s used when sharing via special <meta> tags. This whole issue becomes much more important, though, when you’re a company with many hours and lots of marketing dollars vested in social metrics and the value they drive to your business.

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To Build a Better Social Reader

For a long time, one of my goals has been to find the perfect offline reading application that I can use to find articles, and queue them up for later reading. For a long time, Instapaper served that purpose, followed soon by Read It Later – now Pocket. I tried Pulse, I tried Currents, but they never quite fit the bill. Pocket has been adequate for some time, and what it does, I feel it does very well. But, it’s not perfect. Read More