Where is the Perfect eBook Reader?

For quite a while, I’ve wrangled with the challenge of physical books versus eBooks. On one hand, physical books just look nice on a shelf, especially if they are nice books to begin with. Plus, physical books are easy to lend when someone asks me if I have a suggestion on a good book on social media marketing, or content strategy. On the other hand, I can carry thousands of eBooks on my tablet and have them anywhere, any time. As time has gone on, eBooks are slowly winning out more and more for me. Read More

To Build a Better Social Reader

For a long time, one of my goals has been to find the perfect offline reading application that I can use to find articles, and queue them up for later reading. For a long time, Instapaper served that purpose, followed soon by Read It Later – now Pocket. I tried Pulse, I tried Currents, but they never quite fit the bill. Pocket has been adequate for some time, and what it does, I feel it does very well. But, it’s not perfect. Read More