Higher Ed Web Rant

So, last night I got off on a bit of a rant regarding the nature of web development in higher ed. There was no particular reason for it – well, that’s not totally true, I guess. Chris Coyier wrote a post on the process of CMS selection for higher ed. That’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart given the work I did at .eduGuru and our CMS research. I’d been thinking about it some recently, and was glad to see him take the topic on. But that got me rolling on higher ed web development, sort of swinging from one issue to another. What follows is a Storify of the rant that took place on Twitter. Some posts have been reorganized for narrative consistency.

Sit down for a bit and read, hopefully enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts back either on Twitter or below in comments. It’ll take a bit, as there’s a lot here. I’ve tried to also include various replies and feedback that were also shared to build on the discussion (and will continue to do so as comments are made in the short term).

If, for any reason, folks feel motivated to use anything I’ve said in this Twitter stream elsewhere, consider all the content available under a Creative Commons. Share it, build on it, and do great work.

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