Newspapers’ User Experience Failure

For quite a while now, newspapers have been fighting upstream against other news outlets, blogs, and content sources in a battle for readership. Hell, even things like Twitter can be better and faster for getting eyeballs on an issue than mainstream sites. They’ve had many run of the mill issues, like simply lacking aesthetically pleasing designs with good information architecture that invite users in. But then there have been more specific problems like paywalls, popover ads, and interstitials which have been subject of much derision (and savvy users have been capable of working around them since nearly day one). Read More

Why Twitter Needs to Buy Circa

As of this writing, Twitter is worth a little under $23 billion now that it’s trading on the NYSE. Crazy? Maybe. Time will only tell. What concerns me is that the trading that is happening is all based on speculation that the service can turn a healthy profit in the next 5-7 years. Keep in mind, they lost $69 million in the first half of the year, on only $250+ million in revenue. And while revenue is up year over year, I see their current approach as risky. Read More

CNN Has Priorities

When breaking news happens, you can count on CNN… to not really care too damn much. I’m frankly pretty shocked that CNN doesn’t have a trigger that fires to immediately disable advertising like this on breaking news. It’s a hell of an impression to leave on a site visitor.