A Few Days with Google Inbox

About a month and a half ago, Google announced what is arguably the single biggest update to Gmail since its launch. This “update” is really something more like a re-imaging of the tool, creating an entirely new UI sitting on the data warehouse of your email. This new tool has been named Inbox, and as of this writing, is still currently an invite-only tool. A couple weeks ago, a friend was kind enough to pass on an invite to me so that I could try out the platform myself. Since I sold my soul to Google long ago, I was happy to spend some time trying out their latest endeavor.

After redeeming my invite code, I committed to giving myself two days with only Inbox – no Gmail – before I’d decide what I really thought of the tool. I did this, in part, because it was so different from what I was used to, I wanted to at least try to work through the “different is always bad” feeling that comes with this sort of change. It also kept me from using Gmail as a crutch along the way. I should also mention that a lot of emphasis, so far, is being placed on the line that this is not a Gmail replacement, but rather an alternative management tool. The fact that Inbox is heavily showcasing the power and potential of Material Design (if you aren’t familiar with MD at this point, and you’re a web developer, I highly suggest you take some time learning about it) is also no accident on Google’s part. This is meant to sell developers and designers on the guidelines. So… yeah. Read More