So, is it just me, or is the website slowly backsliding to something more fitting c.2009? This is an organization that netted something like $9.5B last year. First off, I’m sort of blow away that the homepage isn’t responsive (that’s not to say it’s not mobile friendly – mobile devices get kicked to The new, dark background really makes you feel the claustrophobic use of a fixed width layout that uses internal white space barely adequately. There’s virtually no context for elements in the sidebar, with ads visually blurring together with features and headlines of a random sort. The body is just a giant, random assortment of articles from different categories, inexplicably broken up occasionally by a horizontal video block or tweet. In the end, I’m sort of shocked that THIS is the best the NFL can do with their home page, because in my humble opinion, this is pretty much just awful. It’s not even helpful as a news site, because the information is so random.