Finding the Path

It’s been a longstanding joke among my friends that my religion is “bad Buddhism.” For quite a while, I have embraced this concept. This is because I am, in fact, a bad Buddhist. I’ll never be a good Buddhist, either. I believe I lack both the commitment and willpower (I REALLY like scotch, and meat, and cussing, after all). But, just because I can’t be a good Buddhist, doesn’t mean I can’t be a better Buddhist. And it seems like maybe that’s something to focus on coming into the new year and beyond. So we’ll try that. After all, that’s part of the Buddhist process in the end – not being perfect on the first shot, but improving upon each pass. Read More

Why We Suffer

This past weekend sucked. It didn’t suck in any new or particularly shocking way. It just sucked in the same old way that we keep going around with. People being shitty, people dying needlessly, and people pointing fingers every direction they can find in hopes of finding comfort. Every time it happens, I think about it, and I usually don’t say much. This time, I want to say something. Read More